I'm a PhD researcher at the UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Artificial Intelligence and Music (AIM), working in collaboration with Universal Music Group, and an Engage student at the Alan Turing Institute.The goal of my research is to bring machines closer to human-like music understanding. To achieve this, my work focusses on developing multimodal deep learning methods to enable automatic music understanding by learning richer representations from language and audio.

Prior to my PhD, I worked as a data scientist and machine learning engineer, and obtained an MSci in Physics from Imperial College London. For my master, I specialised in complex systems and computational physics, with a thesis on spatial scaling in human mobility models.

When I take off my researcher hat, I enjoy doing all things related to electronic music: I DJ, produce, host a monthly radio show focussed on experimental dance music, and run Co-Select, a London-based artist collective promoting equal gender representation in the dance music scene.